DIY Healthy Diet

  Many of us find ourselves with more¬†than ideal amounts of body fat. Listening to a¬†Physique Science Radio podcast the other day, Layne Norton¬†said something that resounded with me; talking about the national obesity problem he stated¬†that, contrary to what one may think, we are actually really good at losing weight. Many obese or overweight […]

Supplement Showcase: BCAAs

What are amino acids? What are branched-chain amino acids? What do these have to do with my workouts, and why would I consider spending money on them? Amino Acids Amino acids are the building blocks of protein molecules, linked together in chains of thousands of¬†combinations. They wind and loop to make various configurations¬†of proteins, and […]

Fit Food For Thought

I’ve been doing well so far with my resolution to track food intake daily. ¬†My Macros+ is the tracking app I’ve been using because it allows me to input my macro goals, and it shows my accumulations throughout the day. It also has a barcode scanning function to search for foods and populate the nutrition […]

Protein is King

¬†¬†Protein Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. There are 20 different amino acid. To make proteins, they are joined in arrangements of a few dozen to hundreds called polypeptides. Nonessential amino acids are made (synthesized) by the human body and essential amino acids are not made by the body but must be obtained […]