#1 Piece of Nutrition Advice

Do you want to eat in a way that supports what you do in the gym ­č嬭čĆ╝or on the fieldÔÜż´ŞĆ? The number one piece of nutrition advice that I give to almost every athlete/active individual I encounter is to eat 3-5 meals per day and center each around 20-40 grams of protein. Protein helps toContinue reading “#1 Piece of Nutrition Advice”

DIY Healthy Diet

  Many of us find ourselves with more┬áthan ideal amounts of body fat. Listening to a┬áPhysique Science Radio podcast the other day, Layne Norton┬ásaid something that resounded with me; talking about the national obesity problem he stated┬áthat, contrary to what one may think, we are actually really good at losing weight. Many obese or overweightContinue reading “DIY Healthy Diet”