The strength training program that empowers you to live your best, active life without overthinking your workouts.


If any of these sound familiar, Simple Strength may be for you...

  • You spend more time overthinking your workouts (i.e. searching the internet, Instagram, or Pinterest for inspiration) than actually doing them.
  • Strength training has been on your radar for a while, you just don’t know where to start or how to progress in a safe, reasonable way
  • You feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and inconsistent with your exercise goals…and life.
  • You tend to second guess your technique when you do exercises.
  • You haven’t had the energy to show up as your best self in your best life..

Simple Strength is created for the individuals of all levels (beginner to experienced) who are tired of overthinking their workouts.


  • Feeling strong, competent, and capable in the gym and your life
  • Having a simple, effective plan that makes it easy for you to be consistent in your workouts and make steady progress.
  • Working out in a way that doesn’t zap your energy for the rest of the day (or week)
  • Having the energy to show up as your best self in your best life.

Simple Strength is for the person who wants to strength train and knows that consistently exercising will give them the energy to show up as their best self in their best life.


Simple Strength is a challenging but fun strength-based training program that progresses over 4-week training blocks and 3-month phases.

There are two starting points, and you will select one based on your experience with strength training.

  • Phase 0 Start:
    • This is for the person with minimal experience strength training or exercising, in general. We will ease into strength training in a way that won’t leave you unable to walk the next day and gradually progress from the most basic push, pull, squat, hinge, lunge, and core exercises to the more traditional exercises that will start in Phase 1.
  • Phase 1 Start:
    • This is for the person with strength training experience, who can perform movements like hinges (deadlifts), loaded squats, and one full body push up (more or less).

Every 3 months, you will have the option to continue or cancel.

As always, if you have any questions about which is the right option for you, please reach out, and we can discuss it.


Each month, workouts are delivered to an online mobile training app called True Coach. You will download the App for free (Apple) or access it via browser (Android). and each training day, you will:

  • Pull up the day’s workout
  • View the video demonstrations of each exercise
  • Enter the weights you used
  • Add any notes or upload any videos of your own technique that you want to include
  • Then, check off the workout once completed

I can login to the App on my end, see your progress, and offer feedback on your techniques!


3-months is the minimum commitment required for this program.

You will have the option to continue or cancel after each 3-month phase.

Simple Strength is not currently available for enrollment.

Sign up for the waitlist so you don’t miss the next enrollment cycle.

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