Simple Strength

A month-to-month strength training program that empowers you to live your best, active life without overthinking your workouts.

Simple Strength is a challenging but fun strength-based training program that progresses over 4-week training blocks and 3-month phases.

Simple Strength is for the person who…

  • Spends more time overthinking their workouts (or searching for them on IG, Pinterest, etc) than actually doing them
  • Feels overwhelmed, exhausted, and inconsistent with their exercise goals and their life
  • Tends to second guess exercise techniques
  • Has some strength training experience and can perform movements like hinges (deadlifts), loaded squats, and a couple full body pushups (more or less)

Simple Strength is for the person who wants to…

  • Feel STRONG, COMPETENT, and CAPABLE in the gym and in their life
  • Work out in a way that doesn’t zap ALL their energy for the rest of the day or week
  • Have a simple, effective plan that makes it easy to be consistent with workouts and make steady progress
  • Have the energy to show up as their best self each day

Simple Strength includes…

  • 3 strength workouts + 1 optional conditioning workout per week
  • New, progressing workouts every 4 weeks
  • Program delivered weekly through the True Coach online mobile App
  • Technique feedback and coaching guidance from me!

How it works:

Each phase of this program is comprised of 13 weeks (3 months + 1 full de-load week where there will be no formal training planned) and has a specific training focus that’s rotated over the course of the year to keep the training fresh and your body healthy!

  • Phase 1: Foundations–where we get your body moving the right way and feeling great!
  • Phase 2: Aesthetics–where we use functional body-building style workouts to increase your lean muscle mass!
  • Phase 3: Athleticism–where we have fun with speed, power, and explosiveness and you get in reacquainted with your inner athlete!
  • Phase 4: Strength–where we use a powerlifting style of training to move heavier weights and shatter some PRs!

This program works best with access to traditional gym equipment including barbells, weight plates, racks, a pull-up bar, steps/boxes of varying heights, dumbbells or kettlebells, resistance bands or cable machines, and a suspension trainer/TRX but can be modified if you don’t have access to some things.

Commitment & Investment:

The minimum commitment is 3 months (because results take time). After each 3 month phase, you will have the option to continue on to the next phase or cancel.

Paid Monthly: $149

3 Months Paid In Full: $372 ($75 savings)

Simple Strength will open for enrollment in
MARCH 2021

…Unless enough folks express interest (via signing up on the waitlist) for me to justify opening it sooner

“First and foremost, I learned that we are living in a world of tired people, and I don’t have to be one of them. I have energy now that I’m not sure I’ve ever had previously, and I’m so grateful for it!”

Erin P.
(Custom Coaching Client)

Time to stop overthinking your workouts!

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