Coach Kait Ireland


At the time of writing this, I am 29 years old and living in Palm Springs, CA with my fiance of almost 2 years, Ricky, and our dog, Tonks. I am almost half way through a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program (hence the “SPT” in my title, or Student Physical Therapist), and treading the line between sanity and insanity by simultaneously venturing into entrepreneurship (I love the coaching part…the business-salesy-marketing part–not so much).

Two things to know about me are:

  • I am a questioner of all the things
  • I am incredibly goal-oriented and driven

I’ve been on a quest for many years now…probably since midway through college round 1 (at UCLA for my undergrad). It was then that I started figuring out the puzzle pieces of human physiology (i.e. how the body works) and developed an insatiable need to figure them all out…and not only KNOW them but be able to apply these principles to HUMANS in ways that were realistic (simple, sustainable) and made sense. This lead me on an academic journey to a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology and my current Doctorate of Physical Therapy, in addition to professional internships (like with Eric Cressey at CSP Massachusetts), various jobs in sports medicine and rehabilitation, and discussions/mentorships with the best practitioners in all types of medicine and coaching that I’ve been able to find.

And, I just want people to be able to live full lives…

To get high quality medical, nutrition, and fitness information from people who LISTEN, who look at the entirety of the individual, and who are qualified to give said information.

  • Authentic Expression & Transparency
  • Growth Mindset
  • Anti-Perfectionism
  • Congruency: Say it, Do it.
  • Autonomy, Empowerment, Liberation
Coaching Principles
  • We move from self love to self love.
  • We address and benefit the whole body and the whole person.
  • Education, Empowerment, Efficacy: I give you the tools to do it for yourself.
  • Become brilliant at the basics.
  • If it’s not sustainable, it’s not the solution.

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