Could your diet use more veggies?

I’m going to guess that your diet could use more veggies 🥦. I’ll be honest, there are some days where mine could too!🥒

Vegetables contribute important micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc.) which are essential for optimizing many body processes, and they also help increase the volume of food you are eating (therefore improving satiety).

When you are building your meals, I suggest: 🥗
➡️Starting with your protein source first (20-40 grams worth)
➡️Adding in veggies second (aiming for 1-2 cups)
➡️Then strategically portioning your carbs
➡️And sprinkling in your fat sources

Two of my go-to strategies for including more veggies are:

✅Packaged salad mixes (the one pictured is my latest favorite)—I assemble this salad in a big tupperware (to last a couple of days) and can easily portion it on the side of any meal or mix with a leftover protein source for an easy chicken/steak/fish salad.

✅Fresh pre-cut/washed veggies that come in a microwavable bag—Follow the directions, microwave the bag, and toss the veggies into meals. No dish washing required!
How do you get veggies into your diet?

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