#1 Piece of Nutrition Advice

Eat More Protein.

Do you want to eat in a way that supports what you do in the gym 💪🏼or on the field⚾️?

The number one piece of nutrition advice that I give to almost every athlete/active individual I encounter is to eat 3-5 meals per day and center each around 20-40 grams of protein.

Protein helps to fuel, build, maintain, and repair muscle, supports many body processes, and increases satiety between meals.

What does 20-40 grams of protein look like?

Well, it’s a bit more protein than the ONE egg (6-7g) or egg white (4-5g) some have at breakfast.

4-8🥚egg whites or 3-6 eggs
4-6 oz 🍗lean protein (white fish, chicken, lean ground meat)
1-2 scoops🥤 whey protein
1.5-2.5 oz beef jerky

(Jerky Pro Tip: read the ingredients label to find jerky without sugar/corn syrup. I’ve had the best luck on Amazon)

After you have your protein, add veggies🥗 then carbs🍚 and/or a dash of fat🥜


Eating for success!

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