Uniquely Empowered

What if your “success” was practically GUARANTEED as long as you:

Showed up consistently,
Did your best, and
Followed the plan?

This is the program where you and I work together in a 1-on-1 set up.

Together we create customized:

Nutrition &

Plans based on EMPOWERING you to achieve your dreams.

It’s best for those with UNIQUE:

Athletic, Health, or Life Goals,
Starting Points, and/or

And those who are serious and COMMITTED to the results they want to achieve.

Here’s what a past client said about the BEST parts of working together 1-on-1:

Here’s what some past clients have accomplished:

The Logistics (What’s Included):

Ease &
Workouts delivered to your phone on the True Coach App.
Simple, actionable nutrition steps to gradually implement.
Accountability &
Me seeing all your workouts and food logs and keeping tabs on all your progress!
Plus, 1:1 coaching calls at least once a month to help you thrive!
Efficient, Progressing, Custom Workouts3-6 workouts per week (including warm ups, cool downs, conditioning, and mobility work) that are tailored to you and your goals, progressively building strength and skills from one month to the next.
ExpertiseWorkouts written by and technique feedback from me, someone with years of education and experience.

The Investment:

Not 100% sure which program is right for you?

Have more questions?

Shoot me an email at Kait@strengthcoachk8.com or slide into my DMs on Instagram or Facebook!

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